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April 4 - May 15


A Study of James (BS106)
James is one of the most direct and practical writers of the New Testament, providing a valuable understanding of the problems facing many of the early Jewish believers.  This detailed and in-depth study will explore the background, purpose, and practical application of this powerful and interesting book, and will leave the student with a renewed faith in our Lord.

Gospels (BS306)
With a focus on the Gospel of John, this course will provide a chronological overview of the life of Christ and a comparison of each of the four New Testament Gospels.

Spiritual Warfare (TH425)
This course will examine the origin, nature, and extent of spiritual warfare. Beginning with the fall of angels and extending through the current spiritual conflict against mankind and the kingdom of God, this course will seek to provide an awareness of the conflict, as well as a good understanding of the believer’s authority in the spirit-world.


The Servant Leader (LD560)
In this course, students will learn the intense value of developing a philosophy of ministry that seeks to serve, support, and empower others in the mutual pursuit of Christ, His will, and His kingdom. Upon completion, students should have a deeper understanding of Biblical leadership, as well as an appreciation for their own gifts and leadership skills that will help them become influential and effective leaders.

Pulling Down Strongholds (TH525)
An understanding of the supernatural world and spiritual conflict is a broad subject and should be a part of any study of systematic theology. Paul declared that believers are engaged in a spiritual battle; wrestling “not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). In order for the church to remain healthy and effective, it is imperative that we are aware of the conflict, as well as the tremendous resources available to us in Jesus Christ, which will assure us of victory in His name.

DOCTORAL COURSES (Special 12 Week Session)

Ecclesiology (PH604) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
This course studies the theology of the nature, function, and structures of the church. Topics include the biblical foundation and structure of the Church, models of the Church, and the historical development of ecclesial life.

Historical Theology (TH704) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
This course examines critically the major theological developments of history, such as the canon of scripture, the doctrine of the Trinity, the person and work of Christ, the doctrine of the church, the doctrine of grace, etc.


April 18 – May 29


Church History (TH104)
An exploration of the history of the Christian church. Discussion will include the early development of the church, great revivals and movements, and many important historical events as pertaining to the church.

The Beauty of Holiness (TH424) ***N E W C O U R S E***
This course will examine the nature and extent of the holiness of God, and the joy of an intimate walk with Christ experienced by those who pursue fullness in the Christian life.


Biblical Hermeneutics (PH503)
This course is designed to help equip students and ministers with the tools to increase their skill in interpreting, teaching, and preaching the Word of God. The objective of the course is to prepare men and women who are faithful to the biblical text in interpretation and ministry.

The Doctrine of Holiness (TH524) ***N E W C O U R S E***
This course will seek to provide a deeper understanding of the nature and extent of the holiness of God, while emphasizing the theological and practical aspects of the Biblical doctrine of holiness.


May 2 – June 12


Life of Christ (BS105)
A fascinating study of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Particular emphasis will be given to Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ, His birth, and ministry.

God's Plan for Man (TH303)
Anthropology: This course will examine and outline in detail God’s plan for man, beginning with the creation, the development and fall of man, as well as God’s detailed plan for man’s restoration. This course will provide an overview of God’s eternal plan for the ages concerning man and the earth.

The Secret Place: Prayer (LD412)
This course will explore the principles of prayer, emphasizing the dynamic and effectual prayer life that emanates from the deep and personal spiritual relationship of the believer who spends time with God and is captivated by His heart and purposes.


Dispensationalism: God's Plan of the Ages (TH513)
This course will provide a systematic study of the metanarrative of Scripture, examining God’s redemptive plan for man from a dispensational perspective. The ability to discern the various ages and dispensations perform a very important role in understanding the overall plan of God for the earth and man.

Prevailing Prayer & Worship (LD512)
Worship is crucial in effectual prayer because it implies absolute surrender and submission to God and His will. With emphasis on the essential relationship of worship to prayer, students should experience both a deeper knowledge of prayer and a renewed interest and commitment to God and His kingdom purpose.


May 16 – June 26


Marriage & Family I (PM102)
A practical and in-depth study of biblical guidelines concerning marriage and the family.  Upon completion, participants should have an understanding of marriage as ordained by God, as well as positive guidelines for developing a happy and successful Christian home.

Church Administration (PM402)
This course will examine practical Biblical leadership principles, assisting students in developing effective ministry management and administration skills and integrating them into their own ministry. Practical guidelines for oversight, organization, and administration of the local church and ministry will be discussed, including working with boards, committees, finances, establishing budgets, and the effective training of leaders.


The Typology of the Feasts (TH537)
This course will provide an exploration of the seven Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23:1-44) and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Emphasis will be given to Old Testament types and shadows and their New Testament fulfillment.

Ministry Management (PM505)
This course will address the oversight, organization, and administration of the local church and ministry, applying Biblical and practical guidelines in the areas of leadership, management, supervision, and finances. Upon completion, participants should have an increased understanding of the role of church/ministry administration and management.