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July 10 - August 20


Blood Covenant: God's Covenants with Man (TH102)
An in-depth study of God’s Covenants with man. This course will cover the major covenants of the Bible, as well as define in detail God’s plan for man’s redemption and privileges under the New Covenant.

The Gospels (BS306) 
With a focus on the Gospel of John, this course will provide a chronological overview of the life of Christ and a comparison of each of the four New Testament Gospels.

The Doctrine of Man (TH419)
Understanding the nature, fall, and redemption of man is a very important part of any systematic study of theology. Particular attention will be given to the fall of man and salvation through the finished work of Christ. Upon completion, students should have a deeper understanding of the origin, nature, purpose, and destiny of man.


The Servant Leader (LD560)
In this course, students will learn the intense value of developing a philosophy of ministry that seeks to serve, support, and empower others in the mutual pursuit of Christ, His will, and His kingdom. Upon completion, students should have a deeper understanding of Biblical leadership, as well as an appreciation for their own gifts and leadership skills that will help them become influential and effective leaders.

Theology of Man (TH503)
Theological Anthropology: This course will examine the doctrine of man; his origin, nature, purpose, and destiny.

DOCTORAL COURSES (Special 12 Week Session)

Ecclesiology (PH604) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
This course studies the theology of the nature, function, and structures of the church. Topics include the biblical foundation and structure of the Church, models of the Church, and the historical development of ecclesial life.

Christology (TH602) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A study of the Doctrine of Christ, with particular emphasis on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. This course will provide a detailed analysis of Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives of the person, nature, attributes, work and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Biblical Theology (TH703) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A systematic and critical examination of the historical development of Christian doctrine and spirituality.


July 24 - September 3


Biblical Principles of Leadership I (PM101)
A study of the biblical principles of leadership as revealed in the Word of God. We will discover the importance of integrity in character and ministry, being led by the Spirit, and walking in the fullness of your calling.

American Church History (TH403)
An exploration of the history, growth, and development of the church in America from the first American colony to the present day. Special emphasis will be given to American Puritanism, great revivals and movements during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Eschatology: Study of Revelation (TH504)
A study of Bible prophecy; this course will examine the things to come regarding the present age, various theories about the tribulation, the return of Christ, the millennial kingdom, the judgments, the new heavens and earth, etc.

Angelology (TH595)
An exploration of the origin, purpose, and ministry of angels. This study will also reveal the fall of angels, who is the devil, where did the demons come from, and the battle that rages today in the spirit-world.


August 7 - September 17


Introduction to Christian Counseling (CC205)
An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of Biblical counseling and its application to the ministry of Christian workers.  This course will examine basic Biblical foundations for effective Christian ministry.

God's Plan for Man (TH303)
Anthropology: This course will examine and outline in detail God’s plan for man, beginning with the creation, the development and fall of man, as well as God’s detailed plan for man’s restoration. This course will provide an overview of God’s eternal plan for the ages concerning man and the earth.

The Minor Prophets (BS404)
A study of the historical and prophetic writings of the twelve prophets from Hosea to Malachi.  This study will examine the writer, historical background, and the purpose and theme of each book.


Dispensationalism: God's Plan of the Ages (TH513)
This course will provide a systematic study of the metanarrative of Scripture, examining God’s redemptive plan for man from a dispensational perspective. The ability to discern the various ages and dispensations perform a very important role in understanding the overall plan of God for the earth and man.

Applied Theology (TH507)
A study of the practice of theology; this course will examine the theology and practice of the believer’s personal encounter and relationship with God.


August 21 - October 1


A Study of the Book of Acts (BS104)
An exciting study of the powerful work of the Holy Spirit through believers to establish the kingdom of God revealing the origin and development of the New Testament church.

A Study of I & II Corinthians (BS305)
This course will provide a detailed and in-depth exposition of I Corinthians and an overview of II Corinthians. This study will examine the writer, the date and time, and the theme and purpose of each book, as well as its practical application today.


Intercessory Prayer: Times of Refreshing (LD510)
This course will examine the compassionate and prophetic nature of intercessory prayer. Special attention will be given to the nature and necessity of intercession, with emphasis on the example of Jesus.

Exposition of I & II Corinthians (BS305)
The letters to the Corinthians contain some of the most revealing and challenging writings of the Apostle Paul.  This course will examine the theme, purpose, and message of Paul’s letters to the church at Corinth.