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April 8 – May 19


New Testament Survey (BS101)
A study covering the time from the close of the Old Testament through the Revelation. This course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the background of the New Testament, surveying content as well as the historical setting of each book of the New Testament.

Principles of Christian Character (PM304)
All qualities of the fruit of the Spirit compose a unity, and should be evident in the life of each believer. Spiritual fruit is not merely produced by the human nature, but by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23; 2 Peter 1:3-4). This course will provide a good understanding of the fruit of the Spirit and a genuine appreciation for the joy and blessing of living a Sprit-led life.

The Justice of God and the Problem of Evil (TH473)
This study will provide an examination of the nature and extent of the justice of God, as well as the origin and persistence of evil in the world today.


The Fruit of the Spirit (PM514)
A detailed and in-depth study of the fruit of the Spirit, which places emphasis upon the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, personal commitment and the importance of living a Spirit-led life. The character of a true believer is examined.

Evil and the Justice of God (TH573)
This study will seek to provide a Biblical account of the justice of God and His dealings with evil, with special emphasis placed on the final victory.

DOCTORAL LEVEL COURSES (Special 12 Week Session)

Practical Theology (TH604) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
This course will cover the fundamental basics of the Christian faith and its practical application to the believer.

Christology: Doctrine of Christ (TH602) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A study of the Doctrine of Christ, with particular emphasis on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. This course will provide a detailed analysis of Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives of the person, nature, attributes, work and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


April 22 – June 2


Practical Pastoral Theology (TH201)
This course will cover the fundamental basics of the Christian faith and ministry and the foundation of a man or woman of God, while examining the absolute necessity of faith, vision, calling, and anointing in the last days. Special emphasis will also be given to ethics and etiquette.

Stand Firm (BS307)
A detailed and in-depth study of the letters of I-III John and Jude. A major emphasis in these letters is standing firm in the faith and in truth. While emphasizing the authority and superiority of Christ, this study will deal with the dangers of false teachings and unbelief among Christians, while presenting a message of encouragement and hope for all believers.


Spiritual Warfare (TH525)
This course will examine the origin, nature, and extent of spiritual warfare. Beginning with the fall of angels and extending through the current spiritual conflict against mankind and the kingdom of God, this course will seek to provide an awareness of the conflict, as well as a good understanding of the believer’s authority in the spirit-world.

Exposition of I-III John & Jude (BS527)
This study will provide an expositional study of the letters of I-III John and Jude. This study will examine the writer, the date and time, and the theme and purpose of each book, as well as its practical application today.


May 6 – June 16


Biblical Principles of Leadership I (PM101)
A study of the biblical principles of leadership as revealed in the Word of God. We will discover the importance of integrity in character and ministry, being led by the Spirit, and walking in the fullness of your calling.

Major Prophets II: Ezekiel & Daniel (BS402) (No Prerequisite)
A study of the historical and prophetic writings of Ezekiel and Daniel. This study will examine the writer, the theme and purpose of the writings, as well as the methods of ministry.

Servant Leadership (LD360)
The foundation of servant leadership is deeply-rooted in Scripture and modeled by Jesus Christ and early church leaders. This course will discover and examine Biblical principles of leadership in comparison to both traditional and contemporary secular leadership theory and skills. Emphasis will be placed upon Scriptural integrity in effectively critiquing leadership roles, as well as the influence of secular leadership models upon traditional and contemporary ministry.


Reformation Theology (TH516)
A study of the theology of major reformers such as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Arminius, which shaped current theological thought and belief; this course will enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of foundational theology.

The Servant Leader (LD560)
In this course, students will learn the intense value of developing a philosophy of ministry that seeks to serve, support, and empower others in the mutual pursuit of Christ, His will, and His kingdom. Upon completion, students should have a deeper understanding of Biblical leadership, as well as an appreciation for their own gifts and leadership skills that will help them become influential and effective leaders.


May 20 – June 30


Old Testament Survey (BS203)
An examination of each book of the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. The date, authorship, purpose, and history behind each book will be discussed, and particular attention given to the writings of the prophets.

A Study of Romans (BS304)
An analytical and expositional study of the book of Romans. Special emphasis will be placed upon the historical content of the book, its purpose and doctrinal themes, as well as its practical application in the lives of believers today.


Comparative Religions (PH501)
An exploration of some of the various religions of the world, including pseudo-Christian cults, the occult and mystical religions, and other religions not related to Christianity. Discussion will include certain key teachings of each religion discussed, as well as the particular strategies and methods used in appeal, solicitation, and recruitment.

Bibliology: The Origin of Scripture (TH531)
The study will inform students of the historicity and accuracy of the Scriptures, which should reinforce the confidence we place in the Bible.