January 4 - February 14


Exploring the Supernatural: Angelology (TH103)

An exploration of the realm of the supernatural, including the origin, purpose, and ministry of angels. This study will also reveal the fall of angels, who is the devil, where did the demons come from, and the battle that rages today in the spirit-world.

Grace & Law (TH307)
A Scriptural examination of grace and law. This course will contrast grace and law and seek to enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of what is meant by salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

Face to Face with God (TH407)
It is essential that genuine Christian experience include a personal spiritual encounter with God Himself. This course will encourage students to seek to know the Lord without measure and to experience the manifest presence of God.


A Study of Galatians (TH517) 
This message of justification by faith has often been misunderstood and distorted by those who possess an incorrect understanding of Scripture, or an alternate agenda (Gal. 1:9). Upon completion of this course, students should have a good understanding of the Scriptural doctrine of justification by faith and an awareness of the challenges facing the believer today.

Applied Theology (TH507)
A study of the practice of theology; this course will examine the theology and practice of the believer’s personal encounter and relationship with God.

DOCTORAL COURSES (Special 12 Week Session)

Biblical Theology (TH703) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A systematic and critical examination of the historical development of Christian doctrine and spirituality.

Christology (TH602) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A study of the Doctrine of Christ, with particular emphasis on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. This course will provide a detailed analysis of Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives of the person, nature, attributes, work and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


January 18 – February 28


Theology II: Our Salvation (TH401)
Soteriology: This course will cover salvation as it is considered from man’s need, God’s provision for reaching out to man, and the application of the work of God in salvation..

The Justice of God and the Problem of Evil (TH473) *NEW ONLINE COURSE*
This study will provide an examination of the nature and extent of the justice of God, as well as the origin and persistence of evil in the world today.


Apologetics (PH502)
This course focuses on developing the student's ability to analyze and critique non-theistic arguments and challenges to the Christian faith and to formulate consistent Christian apologetic responses to them through Biblical research, analysis, and interpretation.

Evil and the Justice of God (TH573) *NEW ONLINE COURSE*
This study will seek to provide a Biblical account of the justice of God and His dealings with evil, with special emphasis placed on the final victory.


February 1 – March 14


Life of Christ (BS105)
A fascinating study of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Particular emphasis will be given to Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ, His birth, and ministry.

Personal Spiritual Development (PM306)
This course provides an in-depth, direct study concerning the personal spiritual development of the believer as revealed in the Word of God. Close attention is given to commitment, dedication, and personal holiness in lifestyle and conduct. Students will learn the importance of a life of intimacy with God.

Spiritual Warfare (TH425)
This course will examine the origin, nature, and extent of spiritual warfare. Beginning with the fall of angels and extending through the current spiritual conflict against mankind and the kingdom of God, this course will seek to provide an awareness of the conflict, as well as a good understanding of the believer’s authority in the spirit-world.


Walking Closely With God (PM516)
This study will examine the essentials of personal spiritual development and walking closely with God. Exploring the life and ministry of the prophet Elijah and using his experiences as example of what it means to walk closely with God, the student will discover personal commitment, dedication, holiness, and a life of intimacy with God himself.

Pulling Down Strongholds (TH525)
An understanding of the supernatural world and spiritual conflict is a broad subject and should be a part of any study of systematic theology. Paul declared that believers are engaged in a spiritual battle; wrestling “not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). In order for the church to remain healthy and effective, it is imperative that we are aware of the conflict, as well as the tremendous resources available to us in Jesus Christ, which will assure us of victory in His name.


February 15 – March 28


The Dynamics of the Holy Spirit (TH101)
Pneumatology: A Biblical examination of the person, work, gifts, and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Special emphasis is placed on the ministry of the Holy Spirit today.

Christ in the Seven Feasts (TH417)
Typology: The feasts of Israel vividly present the prophetic promise of the restoration of all things in their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ under the New Covenant. In types and shadows God orchestrated His complete plan of man’s redemption.


Reformation Theology (TH516)
A study of the theology of major reformers such as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Arminius, which shaped current theological thought and belief; this course will enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of foundational theology.

The Typology of the Feasts (TH537)
This course will provide an exploration of the seven Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23:1-44) and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Emphasis will be given to Old Testament types and shadows and their New Testament fulfillment.