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October 4 – November 14


Old Testament Survey (BS203)
An examination of each book of the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi.  The date, authorship, purpose, and history behind each book will be discussed, and particular attention given to the writings of the prophets.

Bible Prophecy: Book of Revelation (TH402)
Using an expositional exploration of the book of Revelation as the foundation, this course will focus on key eschatological events such as the message to the seven churches of Asia Minor, the rapture of the saints, the judgments of the seals, trumpets, and vials, the second coming of Christ, the millennial kingdom, the New Jerusalem, the new heavens and earth, and much more.

Philosophy of Ministry (PH304)
This course will encourage participants to engage in a deeper exploration and expansion of their own spiritual life and walk with God.  We will explore Biblical guidelines for leadership and the importance of being led by the Spirit and walking in close fellowship with God and others.


Eschatology (TH504)
A study of Bible prophecy; this course will examine the things to come regarding the present age, various theories about the tribulation, the return of Christ, the millennial kingdom, the judgments, the new heavens and earth, etc.

Biblical Philosophy of Ministry (PH504)
This course will examine the relationship between the kingdom of God and the church.  Using both Scripture and history, emphasis will be placed on ministry remaining both Biblically and practically true to its calling.

DOCTORAL COURSES (Special 12 Week Session)

Christology (TH602) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
A study of the Doctrine of Christ, with particular emphasis on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. This course will provide a detailed analysis of Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives of the person, nature, attributes, work and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Advanced Apologetics (PH702) ***DOCTORAL COURSE: 12 Week Session***
This course focuses on developing the student’s ability to analyze and critique non-theistic arguments and challenges to the Christian faith and to formulate consistent Christian apologetic responses to them through Biblical research, analysis, and interpretation.


October 18 - November 28


Great Bible Doctrines (BS102)
The principles of the faith will be examined in this course as we examine in depth the major doctrines of the Bible. Essential doctrines such as the doctrine of God, the Scriptures, the finished work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, eschatology, and many more will be studied in detail.

Pastoral Ministry (PM418)

Shepherdology: An exploration of the biblical and theological shepherding perspective will provide students with an understanding of the heart and nature of pastoral ministry and help equip for the specific functions of ministry and leadership within the body of Christ.


Living in the Spirit (LD550)
It is as the believer abides in Christ that the Holy Spirit resides within, close personal fellowship and intimacy with Christ is experienced, and anointed leadership occurs. This course will encourage students to seek to know the Holy Spirit and to enjoy His indwelling presence.

Pastoral Theology (PM518)
Biblical Poimenics. This study will examine pastoral theology and provide an understanding of the gift and call of God to Christian ministry.  Particular attention will be given to the biblical and theological understanding of the nature and purpose of Christian ministry within the broader context of the nature and mission of the Chur.


November 1 - December 12


The Pauline Epistles (BS202)
A study of the Letters of Paul. Emphasis will be upon the background and purpose of each book, as well as the practical aspect of each. This study will examine the problems these epistles seek to correct, examining the methods used and how each book applies to us today.

Be Encouraged: I-II Thessalonians (BS462) ***NEW ONLINE COURSE***
A detailed and in-depth study of the books of I and II Thessalonians. This study will examine the writer, the date and time, and the theme and purpose of each book, as well as its practical application today.

Biblical Principles of Leadership II (PM302)
An in-depth and direct study of the principles of Biblical leadership as revealed in the Word of God. Special emphasis will be placed on the character and integrity of a leader in the body of Christ, as well as guidelines for personal growth and development.


Exposition of I-II Thessalonians (BS562) ***NEW ONLINE COURSE***
This study will provide an expositional study of the Letters to the Thessalonians. These letters, along with the Revelation, are the premier eschatological letters of the New Testament. Upon completion of this course, the student should have a better understanding of the theme, purpose, and message of Paul’s letters to the church at Thessalonica.

Biblical Leadership (PM512)
This course will explore Biblical guidelines for leadership and the qualifications of spiritual leaders. Special emphasis will be placed upon the importance of being led by the Spirit and walking in close fellowship with God.


November 15 – December 26


Biblical Principles of Leadership I (PM101)
A study of the biblical principles of leadership as revealed in the Word of God. We will discover the importance of integrity in character and ministry, being led by the Spirit, and walking in the fullness of your calling.

Marriage & Family II (PM301) 
This course will include a practical, in-depth study of Biblical guidelines for the relationship between the husband and wife. Upon completion, students should better understand God’s design for the intimate relationship within marriage and its effect upon establishing a healthy Christian home.


Grace and Law: Galatians (TH527)
A Scriptural examination of grace and law.  This course will contrast grace and law and seek to enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of what is meant by salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

Biblical Dynamics of Marriage (PM517) 
This course will include a practical, in-depth study of biblical guidelines for relationships between husbands and wives.