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Vintage Bible College & Seminary is an interdenominational christian bible college and seminary. We are located in Winston-Salem and convenient to Greensboro, Charlotte, High Point, Raleigh and the Piedmont Triad area of Forsyth County, North Carolina. Vintage Bible College provides both on-campus and online bible seminary degree studies. This website is a presentation of some of the programs and policies of Vintage Bible College & Seminary; however, the school is not liable for errors and/or omissions which may occur in the publishing of this site. Vintage Bible College reserves the right to make changes and corrections as necessary. If you have questions, contact the school by phone (336) 759-0591 or email

Current VBC Online Courses

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SUMMER 2017 (Term C) 




Biblical Principles of Leadership I (PM101)

The Doctrine of Man (TH419)

Leadership for Renewal (LD408)




Theology of Man (TH503)

The Leader and Renewal (LD508)


SUMMER 2017 (Term B) 




Marriage and the Family I (PM102)

Grace & Law: Galatians (TH307)

Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Study the Bible (PH403)




Biblical Hermeneutics (PH503)

Exposition of Galatians (TH507)


SUMMER 2017 (Term A) 




A Study of James (BS106)

Introduction to Christian Counseling (CC205)

A Study of the Books of Samuel (BS301)




Angelology (TH595)


SPRING 2017 (Term D) 




The Blood Covenant: God's Covenants With Man (TH102)

Theology I: A Study of God (TH304)

The Gospels (BS306)




Theology Proper (TH514)

The Secret Place: Prayer and Worship (LD512)



SPRING 2017 (Term C)


Undergraduate Level Courses


The Pentateuch (BS107)


A Study of the Book of Acts (BS104)


Servant Leadership (LD360)


Graduate Level Courses


Bibliology: Bible History (TH531) [Masters Level Course]


The Servant Leader (LD560) [Masters Level Course]



SPRING 2017 (Term B)


Undergraduate Level Courses


Church History (TH104)


Theology II: Soteriology (TH401)


Ezra, Nehemiah, & Esther (BS405)


Graduate Level Courses


Historical Books II (BS505) [Masters Level Course]


Eschatology: Book of Revelation (TH504) [Masters Level Course]



SPRING 2017 (Term A)


Undergraduate Level Courses


A Study of Hebrews (BS103)


Major Prophets I (BS303)


Graduate Level Courses


Dispensational Theology (TH524) [Masters Level Course]


A Study of Isaiah & Jeremiah (BS513) [Masters Level Course]



WINTER 2017 (Term D)


Undergraduate Level Courses


New Testament Survey (BS101)


The Spirit-filled Leader (LD407)


Church Administration (PM402)


Graduate Level Courses


Spirit-filled Leadership (LD507) [Masters Level Course]


Ministry Management (PM505)  [Masters Level Course]


WINTER 2017 (Term C)


Undergraduate Level Courses


Practical Pastoral Theology (TH201)


Competent to Lead (LD401)  


The Minor Prophets (BS404)


Graduate Level Courses


The Competent Leader (LD501) [Masters Level Course]


The Servant Leader (LD560) [Masters Level Course]




WINTER 2017 (Term B)


Undergraduate Level Courses


The Dynamics of the Holy Spirit  (TH101)


Prayer: Times of Refreshing (LD410)  


The General Epistles (BS421)


Graduate Level Courses


Spiritual Renewal (LD510) [Masters Level Course]


Survey of the General Epistles (BS501) [Masters Level Course]



WINTER 2017 (Term A)


Undergraduate Level Courses


Exploring The Supernatural: Angelology (TH103)


The Tabernacle & Priesthood (TH409)  


Marriage & Family II (PM301)


Graduate Level Courses


Introduction to Typology (TH509) [Masters Level Course]  


Biblical Dynamics of Marriage (PM517) [Masters Level Course] 




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